I guess I am a fantasy


So here are the pictures from yesterday afternoon.The outfit was simple and mostly comfortable!I feel soo good in old pair of jeans and All Stars.The glasses were a gift brought from Spain.My bestfriend Maja bought it for me.She knew how much I wanted them so she suprised me with pair just for me.So cute right?
Just now I'm realising how beautiful our country actually is.There are many beautiful spots all around Slovenia and some of them, not far away from my home.Me and Tinkara O. visited one today.A beautiful place near the cold river.You should definitely visit my country one day! ;)

Sunday morning


This sunday started out pretty good.After very long time me and my mom did some mother daughter bonding in the city.We got up before the sun was able to beat the clouds away, but as we reached the city, the sun reached us.The whole city was just waking up.We first went to Zvezda for a morning cup of coffe and the best toast in town to regain our powers.After a nice breakfast we went for a walk around the city and through the Sunday flea market.I had no idea how many gorgeous pieces are there to find.Well we had a great time and we definitely have to do that more often.
Later in the day I meet up with Tinkara O. and we again made great pictures, wich you will see tomorrow.


Well hello


Over and over again the same story.Everyday.There are some things in life that are apparently never going to change.So, if we know for a fact, that one thing is for sure not going to change, why do we still push ourselves to do the right opposite?Where is this hope still comming from?Did the real facts these days became worthless?Ah, tooo many questions in my head.I really need to stop think about it so much and start realize that the facts are facts, no matter what.It just makes me sad how people change and become so heartless and cold.I need to shake off the old feelings and start a new chapter in my life.Again.This thime for real!

"Don't worry about people from your past there is a reason they didn't make it to your future"

Dot, dot, dot


Hello dolls :)
How's everyone doing?I'm pretty fine I think.Up's and down's on daily basis.Thank god for all the »up's« in my life that are holding me up.And of course for my lovely friends & family around me.With all this free time it got me to thinking even more about love.
When do we know who is right for us?
After I've been through, I'n not so sure anymore.Seriously!Do we ever find a guy who is »perfect« for us?And if we do, who guarantee's that he's gonna be here for ever?
I belive we all have soul mates.In any way.Not necessarily our boyfriend, it could be your best girlfriend, mother, brother,your waiter at the Starbucks where you drink everyday …?We need to find them, maby they are not so close as we usually think or hope.
As I said once before, I'm completely in love with romantic movies!They are so beautiful and while I’m watching it I am fully confident that I, myself will experience love, or should I say a love story like that to tell.It’s just amazing in what kind of mind does that story even begin?Is it a true story?Because in the world I’m living in there are no such stories as we see in the movies.Not anymore they are not.Sadly.So is it just the strong imagination in the author’s mind?If so,  isn’t that misleading people into something that doesn’t really exist?Even though, I must confess that I am inspired by films like that.In the time of the movie, I am taken to a place where love is still real and true meaning, as it was sometimes.And it gives me hope to find a love like that someday.It would be so nice if I had a romantic story to tell.A different one.A story worth telling.But more then worth telling it would be nice to experience story like that.So what would  your perfect romantic story look like?I’d go back to the time where there were no phones,no internet..just a pure approach to girl through love letters or friends.Because I think that a guy, who took his time to write a letter to a girl, really liked her and wanted to leave a good mark with her.Times were so much easier back then.At least in love I think.

P.S. This pictures were taken on this beautiful field near my home, where me and my mom usually run and workout.And it was actually my mom's idea to shoot here.We did.She was the photographer of the day and she did an amazing job!Check it out :)

“I like my money right where I can see it..hanging in my closet.” - CB


It's near Fall but the heat here is still unbearable.The mornings are quite ok, but the afternoon?Not ok.Today I couldn't wait to come home and refresh myself in the pool.Suprisingly, the rain came shortly after that.
Not getting ahead, this day started out pretty good.I had a two-hour driving lesson early this morning and we were going to this beautiful Slovenian lake called Bled.The driving was going good aswell.I can't wait for my licence, seriously it's so much fun.Later on I meet up with my friend Tinkara and we again went to the best place for breakfasts in the city, Le Petit.Full of Frankfurter omelettes, delicious pancakes with vanilla cream and cherries,orange juice and and full dose chat we decided to find me a new job.We first turned into Agent Provocateur and with no open job we still took some time to look around the store.Next step was Tinkara trying on a few pieces.Next one?Me in the wardrobe.We tried on some really, and I mean REALLY gorgeouse pieces.The result was no other than us two walking out proudly, each with its own bag.
Then we walked around the city a little more, we even found me a possibly new job.How awsome is that!But I can't get excited too much, I always am and then I end up being hurt.So I'll wait for my interview first.Talk then.Much better plan.
I have to tell you about the ring on one of the pictures.It was a birthday gift fom one of my good friends.Isn't it just breath taking?I love it soooo much.Well this is a unique ring made just for me, made by very talented Slovenian jewelry producer Katja Koselj.

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Sushi and the park


Hello dolls.Today I had my first ever sushi experience!I must admit that I was expecting something completely different, something tasteless, cold but in contrary!I actually like it.I, Eva Kosec like sushi!
Ok, because it was my first time, I didn't want to exaggerate (and because I had one lunch meal before that but pshhh..) so I tried only a few.But that's what makes it more exciting for the next time.Everytime something new.This whole sushi thing made me think and made me want to try even more things with the food and drinks that I havent tried yet.Besides that nothing much is new.My driving lessons are getting better and better and I cannot wait for my licence.Me, my car, loud music, me singing and dancing...ohh those will be the memories.

With all this free time this week I've been good with workout as well as with the baking.And I also started to read another book from the very talented Sophie Kinsella -Can you keep a secret.Her books are the first books ever wich made me laugh.Now here's a first one too.Such a fun story.Maybe a little bit "Briget Jones" like.It's definitely worth reading.

So back to today.It was a very "Fall-y" day.The sky was covered with clouds, fresh breeze was blowing, so it was time to mix some summer, slash, fall pieces of clothes.I LOVE fur.I'm so sorry but I do.I myself own a fake one and it keeps me warm to.I only have vest so far and this year I will purchase a furry jacket!So glamorous.

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This pictures were taken in our little, but still beautiful, central park Tivoli...

Yamamay - You are the queen


So I have entered another competition and this one would be as well so much fun to win at!The award is to spend a whole weekend in Rome with the team of Yamamay and with the beautiful Chiara Ferragni!And it get's even better with the shopping, spa, make-up artists and so on.So click here to vote for me and if you want to compete to.

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive


I love every single little detail, smell and sound of Fall.Can't wait to put on my cozy pair of Uggs, wrapping a warm scarf around my neck.Can't wait for that morning fog raising from the sun.Those breakfasts after climbing on hill nearby, walking on dry leaves, reminding you at each step for new season.I wrote about it before I know, but It's just so amazing, the transition that is.Hanging around with friends, last outside lunches and watching The Holiday & Sex And The City over and over again, reading a good book, drinking hot hot cacao..a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!And all those fashion accessories any stylings <3

September didn't start off as very promising, but all things are supposed to work out sooner or later, right?
I must commend myself , last few days I've been working out every day!Now that's a big thing for me.And I'm getting better and better.I just have to give up on sweets now.This will be much harder now, especially because this week I'll be all about baking new pastry from this amazing Pastry book I got for my birthday!Well hunger first, then all the rest I say :P

So, what's your favourite kind of spending free Fall days?

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