Good morning August!


I't August babyy!!!My MOST favourite month of the year!
* it's the month of my birthday
* it means that we have yet a whole month of super sexy summer in front of us
* the sales are over
* from this day forward, only 4 months are between me and New York, let the countdown begin

Have a happy & exciting month dolls.I know I will.

In the summer, in the city


So, me and my friends have been on vacations for 6 days now and yesterday was the first day that we just went to the city.It was a non-party night, even though we couldn't  resist few fresh coctails in the bar right next to the marine.Seeing all those (at least at the appearance) happy married couples on their yachts, having dinner, really made me want to have piece of that too one day.Just beautiful.
I was, again, wearing my white maxi dress, just that this time I added a jeans jacket and a brown belt&bag.



I found this gorge lace dress in my mom's closet and I just had to take some pics for you guys to see it.I love it.So romatic.Oh, I really am a "sucker" for romance!

I wanna be your favorite song...La la la la la


Ahh, summer!I'm so glad you're finally here!This beautiful "greek like" little town with amazing "Paris like" Café...a small piece of the big world all together in one small wonderful place.And the view?Breathtaking!

From the wild


I forgot to post my outfit pics from the blogger meeting, so here they are :)



So, I went around the city with beautiful Carolina Krews and we made some pretty gorgeous pics.We had such a lovely evening, fashion talks always cheer me up.I was wearing my new (and first)  white maxi dress and I just love it!It's so simple, just like I wanted it to be.And with the right accessories it turned out so gracefully.

Did I mention I LOVE this pics!! ;)

I get carried away...


Just today, I was thinking (again) that it would be the final time for me to put some of my money on my saving account for my December's trip, but this beautiful Ralph Lauren scarf looked so sad, just lying there, so I had to do something!We all know what I did right?I provided him a proud new of course :)
And then I bought myself a new Massimo Dutti beach towel.Like I have none.But it was too beautifull not to buy.
So, I guess I won't eat much in NY, but hey, I have a scarf to keep me worm and a towel...well I won't be freezing ;)

Natalie Dissel


I just found this amaziiing jewelry maker Natalie Dissel .Without any doubt, one day,  I will invest in one of her products.Check it out ;)

Coctails, bloggers, fashion..loves!


Yesterday a few lovely Slovenian fashion bloggers and a team of meet up for coctails at this divine residence, from our host, as well as the "big boss" of the Slovenian fashion portal I had such a nice time, talking about fashion with people who clearly have a lot of sense of it it's just amazing.And it was great seeing and getting to know all the bloggers in person.
So, hopefully we'll have more meetings like this, developing new ideas, sharing different thoughts.Hope to see you all soon! :)



Sooo, today I finished my STA's and it didn't go as well as I planned, but I still hope that they will notice my desire to go to their school, because it's just something I would really love to do.So cross your fingers for me, will ya? ;)
Well later on, me and Hana meet up for lunch in this gorge restaurant I've never been before called Salon and my meal didn't look so good, but the taste was delish! I had risotto with pistachio sauce, you have to try it one day! Later on, after quick shopping we decided to "try out" this cute little place by the Ljubljanica river Lolita.It's so Paris like.High ceilings with some kind of fashion collage on it and with black cherries hanging off of it.And all the decoration is in this cute pink/baroque style.So cute!
In the evening I took my little cousin in the movies to see Kung Fu Panda 2 and we had such a good time.She makes me feel like kid too.Fun times!Afterwards we stopped in a book store where I got myself a book called "PRASCI "(Bastards - Why do I always run into the wrong guy) wich I think it will come in handy considering that I tottaly connect with the title, sadly ofcourse many woman do this days.Don't we?