I like early mornings and beautifuly prepared breakfasts. I like walking around bookstores and seeing people reading books on the floor because all the chairs were taken. I like cancelled plans, late night movies and white wine on a Sunday afternoon. I like googling facts about history. I like facts period. 
I like plans, but I live for spontaneous days. I like white roses in the winter and hydrangeas in the summer. I like discovering new music and listening to the same 5 songs 24/7 until I find 5 new songs. I like car rides and singing out loud, making my friends do the same. I like cleaning and keeping everything in place. I like huging people. I think we shoud hug more.
I like eating my chocolate in a certain way or it doesn't feel like I've eaten it at all. I like decisiveness in people, and control in me. I like getting randomly drunk. I like to laugh so uncontrollably I have to cover my face because at that point I'm definitely ugly laughing. I like having people around me that can make me ugly laugh. I like playing board games. As many as possible in 1 hour time.
I like to spoil ending of books and movies for people I care about. I know they like it too.





 One of the things I was excited about coming to Canada for, and I don't care how lame it sounds, was to watch the Oscars, finally, at the normal hour. After just finishing it, at a decent, yet still not I'm-totally-OK-with-it hour, truth to be told, I'd much rather stay up until 6AM, with my friends by my side, than to almost loosing my mind, trying to find an online streaming site. Ugh!

Firstly, who knew it's harder to watch Oscars in Canada than it is in a small little country that majority of living human beings don't even know about, and secondly, did I really stay awake for so long, just to go to bed disappointed over the final result? I really don't feel like The shape of water deserved an Oscar for Best picture. But that's just me. Though I'm usually right. #justsaying

Call me by your name or Lady bird! Something that's raw and relatable, and..not a fish!
(I know there's much more to that, but still..major turn off)

Me and my three closest friends have this tradition of watching the Oscars together every year, eating bunch of junk food and trying to stay awake as long as possible. Back home, the event usually starts around 2AM and ends around 6AM, so the struggle of being awake is real. This year, as me and Lana are both far away from home, we all decided to watch the event together over facebook, facetime or whatever would work the best. The guys were obviously a no show this year as we weren't there to wake them up, fuckers, but me and Lana made it till the end!

We'll eventually grow out of it, won't we, this tradition of ours? Would it, in time, be acceptable for all of us to leave our husbands/wives and kids at home while the four of us would drive to lake Bohinj, guilt free and have our night like we used to? Would we even want to?
Man I hope we do!

I'm off to bed now, way past my bed time!



 Last time we spoke, my situation was still very French (?), but today, I am reporting to you from the land where people only use French to kiss. French kissing. Get it?

Montreal is a great city, a city I will definitely go back to very soon, but it's not a city I would see myself living and working in. The language was an obstacle that would take me quite some time to overcome, and in a world of raining money, that would be way more possible than in a world where it just won't stop raining/snowing and I'm in love with everything that's pretty and it costs money.

Like I said before, I could have a million different jobs, but that's not why I came to Canada. I came here to find one job where I would be able to grow and learn, and pour out all the creativity and plans I envisioned, that are bursting inside me. That's why Toronto is a next step in my little journey. Plus the city has the vibe I was looking for. When you know, you just know. You know?

I had so much fun there tho! The peak of my three months living there was definitely the X ambassadors concert that I'm still not over. It was soooooo good! Sam sounds amazing, like crazy amazing, and the venue was intimate, small and just perfect. Usually nothing is perfect, but this  concert kinda was. Plus, I brought a cute guy there with me who got me a bit wine drunk and kissed me all night, and if that's not everyone's best kind of night, I don't know what is.
There was so much more in those months there, obviously, but that was just the best. Even tho I had to move now, I think staying in Montreal first was the best idea possible, and I can't wait to go back soon.

Anyways, I'm back behind my computer now, writing cover letters and sending job applications like crazy, because otherwise I will go crazy from not working. How some people choose not to work a day in their life amazes me. I could never do it, like what do you do all day then? Seriously, what?



 The next statement may not always apply, but in the days I've been here, I've realized an easy way on how to set apart Europeans from Canadians or more accurately, people living here. Firstly, Europeans tend to use other computer brands besides Apple, shockingly, I know, so that might give us away, and secondly, you would probably find most foreigners sitting in a cafe with nothing but a drink on their table, making an actual conversation with the other party, or reading a book if alone. We're definitely not used of bringing computers with us everywhere, but when we go out for a coffee, lunch or whatever, we do so to simply hang out.
The so called "work sessions" are done in working hours, and there's a sharp line between working and social life. Rarely you'll find us mixing the two in our leisure time. And we're BIG on leisure time. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that (working sessions), but with social media being as strong as it is already, I think getting away from it, is someting more people should start doing in their days.

I miss that. Even when I loved doing what I did for my job, I always looked forward going home, changing my clothes, and meeting my friends for a drink where we hanged out and talked and talked and talked until it was time to go. Or just a stroll around the city, window shopped, smoked a cigarette or two, walking and talking.

You know what, the grass isn't always greener. It probably never was, it's just we always want what we don't have. Always.

Don't get me wrong, I love going to different cute places and write there from time to time, it's just that people here don't socialize the same way we do, and I don't like that. Whatever bar/coffee shop you step into - Macbooks all around! You see friends walking by with earphones in their ears WHILE talking? I saw a woman with her son on the metro today, and he was listening to music instead of talking to his mom or just sit there quietly with her. And he was not a kid or something, which would make it easier to understand. I mean, would you ever disrespect someone like that? Just be with each other. Really not that hard.

It's the homesickness talking I guess, but I really wish social life here would be more similar to ours.

What I initally wanted to share here today, are the cute coffee shops I've been to so far and you have to visit them too if you're ever in town! (and invite me with of course.) There are soooooo many I still need to go to, but I already have some favourites. I don't drink coffee, BUT (!) I am obsessed with hot chocolate/cacao, and my mission is to find the best one in Montreal.
Numero uno, hot chocolate here, is not what hot chocolate is back home. Here hot chocolate is cacao, but not the best version of it, and hot chocolate as we know it, thick af, does not exsist. As far as I know.

So anyways, I rated hot chocolates in the cutest places I've been so far from 0 aka the worst to 5 aka the best. Also, I feel the need to say, Starbucks hot chocolate is kinda good! I don't like to go there that often though..the whole "TO GO" concept is not my thing. (or is that just my unemployment talking?..)



 Waking up to 11 degrees was calling for perfect day to go on a date. Finally a normal temperature where I can dress up, not look all frozen in my face, and wear some other shoes than Timberlands. Or so I thought. Not only the date was with myself, it turns out, that normal temperatures do not necessarily mean good weather. Was it warm? Yes. Did it rain? Of course it did.

Still, I was determined a little rain won't ruin my plans. Spoiler alert: it did.

I wore my oxford shoes for exactly 4 minutes and then I had to go back to my apartment to change, because here in Canada, not even the roads get fully cleaned of snow, even less the sidewalks, so everything was super slippery, because snow turned into ice and that's a big no for anything else than winter shoes. But OK, the rain wasn't that bad, and no, I don't have an umbrella, so I went for a walk, off to explore a bit, and on a mission to find a cute coffee shop where I could sit down, read my book and enjoy some me time. But in the middle of my adventure, rain started to pour, and because I had no idea of where I was nor if there was any coffee shop near me at all, the best option at that time was to turn around and go home. But there is always tomorrow! Only a much, MUCH, colder version of today.

Now, I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans to be clear, but I wonder, why the need to define yourself as one? I mean, I know that there are many reasons why one would chose to be either of the two, but what I am confused about, is why people choose that to describe themselves as? Being a vegan or vegetarian does not define who you are, it's not your characteristic. Or is it? Should I update my Tinder bio? Eva, 27, meat-eater/omnivore?

But seriousy, why?

Enough for today, and hopefully tomorrow, if I don't freeze, I'll be updating from a cute coffee shop! :)



 Out of all the movies I've seen, and I've seen A LOT, the movies that take place in Italy always affect me the most. There is something so captivating about the romantic/kinda morbid vibe that Italy sets me (us?) into and it always makes me wanna re-live everything that happened in the movie. It makes me wanna pack my bags, fly to a small Italian village, wear cute summer dresses, write and experience that Italian romance first hand.

Some would say I have too much free time on my hands, but I would say I just make time for things that make me happy. Watching movies is definitely one of those things. I normally watch a movie a day, two for sure on a Sunday if not more, but around award season, I go crazy. And award season is here!! Already seen so many good ones, so many still to watch, but there is one I know I will watch many many times again, the one of which characters and their story will follow me forever, and that masterpiece is a movie called Call me by your name.

It's been a while since such beautiful story has been told, and in the purest way possible. I've missed that so much! It was all about love, nothing else. Movies now days are all filled up with the main story that is followed up with another story, always an accident or a disease, you know, always something. But as in life, sometimes love is enough. Romantic love, family love. Oh and the parents in the movie were portrayed as never before. The fathers monologue at the end will give you so much, and his words will for sure change point of view of so many.

When it comes to movies that are nominated for bigger awards, I almost never watch trailers, so with this one, I had no idea where it was going, but boy what a ride! The movie is so so beautiful, amazing performances, perfectly shot and even the fashion was right on point. Really, really one of the best movies I've ever seen. AND (!!) I heard some news about sequel!! The movie is based on a book, and in the book Oliver and Elio meet again, so Luca, the director, is thinking about turning that part of the story in a movie too. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's an amazing idea! I'm already excited about it, and it's not even a sure thing! Anyways, GO SEE IT!! Thank me later.

If you will like this movie, than might I suggest you also watch Stealing beauty and The bigger splash. The latter is a bit more of a thriller, but Italian vibe and romance are very much there, trust me.

Breathe and Lady bird are movies in a completely different genre, but great movies as well, so put that on your "must watch list" too! Lady bird already got 2 Golden globes and has been nominated a bunch of times! I predict big Oscar nominations are coming for this one, and Call me by your name is definitely gonna be on that list too!

Going to finish my day with Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Heard so much about this one!